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Unaysa – Aleppo Soap 5 “normal skin” for body and more

Absouletly love this soap. Lasts a long time too, very moisturizing and smells lovely. Would highly recommend. My favorite product!

Dionelyn – Night Repair Serum, “intensive recovery concentrate”

Thank you so much for this Serum after a week it has big difference on my face, my face is smooth and soft the skin. I highly recommend this Serum.

Candy – Aleppo Soap 12 “normal skin” for face, body and hair

Noor was so helpful and convinced my husband and I to buy this product with the wonderful story of how this soap is made and all the benefits it carries. It’s so much better than buying 3 different bottles of soap, shampoo, face wash etc. because it’s all natural and lasts for a long time provided it’s kept dry between showers.

Candy – Nourishing Organic Oil – “plain argan oil” for all skin types

This is the best oil for overall use and it has a lovely light scent ? I love it because it’s just pure argan and can be used anywhere on the body and face AND hair … and it is safe for pregnancy and small kids which isn’t the case when mixed with stronger essential oils.

Candy – Healing oil “treatment for acne and prone skins”

I purchased this oil after Noor recommended the best one for scars. It worked wonders on all my post-surgery scars and I saw a big improvement after not even 2 weeks of use (Less redness, less raised). I would highly recommend it! It’s also great for small pimples or spots on the skin and isn’t greasy on the face. I already bought another 3 ?

Alice – Night Repair Serum, “intensive recovery concentrate”

This serum is amazing! My skin is dry and sensitive and I have been using the serum for a month and half; just a couple of drops in the evening and the skin is moisturised, soft, relaxed and elastic in the morning. I am very happy and can only recommend to try it!

Noor Aurelia Joannot – Night Repair Serum, “intensive recovery concentrate”

I have been using this product for a while and I wouldn’t trade it for any other one. Although it says it is a night serum, i use it during day time and it works perfectly. The key is to use it sparingly and really tap it into the skin. The bottle is small but lasts so long because you only need a little, it is rich and feels amazing on the skin. Formulated with amazing ingredients and from them is dedication and love. Amazing product!

Noor – Aleppo Soap 60 “dry and sensitive skin” for face, body and hair

Just in LOVE with this soap, it saved my acne and eczema issues !