What are the 16 uses of Aleppo Soap ?

You can use Aleppo soap for face, body, hair, personal hygiene, sensitive skin, acne skin, tooth brushing, baby care, face mask, shaving, minor wounds, cramps, gardening, cloths, moth repellent and pets. Please refer to our blog to see all the 16 uses of Aleppo Soap.

Why are the soaps brown color ?

During the curing time, Aleppo soap usually develops a golden hue on the outside while retaining it’s beautiful green color on the inside (which can be seen if you cut a bar of Aleppo soap in half).

What does mean the % on the Aleppo Soap designation ?

Laurel berry oil is an expensive oil and the price of an Aleppo soap bar usually depends upon the percentage of laurel oil used. Soaps with a higher percentage of laurel oil tend to be darker in color and more prized. Most Aleppo soaps have between 5 and 35% laurel berry oil, our 60% was especially custom made upon our request, it is very rare to find such an Aleppo soap containing that much of laurel berry oil which makes this soap a exceptional treatment for the skin.

Why would I want to buy an Aleppo soap and not a regular soap bar ?

Aleppo soaps are one of the most prized, and most expensive soap bars that you can find. Their recipes didn’t change over the years. They are still handmade using pure and natural ingredients only.
These soaps are said to help with a number of skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other dermatitis types. Some people use it on their hair and say that it helps with dandruff and other scalp conditions. It’s a mild soap that soothes the skin and may have natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties. You will not find all of those medicinal benefits in a regular soap bar.

Do you still get Aleppo Soaps now (aka war in Syria) ?

Unfortunately it became much harder with the years as you can imagine. Our suppliers left the city that is sadly destroyed in its major parts. In 2017 we found one Syrian soap maker in Tunisia who is making Aleppo soap. Of course the raw material will not have the same origin but at least we continue to offer high quality soaps and we support the soap maker in his new initiative. We are doing our best to continue providing a complete and high quality Aleppo soaps range because Aleppo soaps are so famous nowadays that you will find some bad or fake quality soap bars on the market. You may find that our soaps are out of stock at some point, this is the reason why; we are still working on our supply. With patience, dedicated and hard work the Aleppo soap tradition will survive.


Why would i put oil on my face and not a cream or lotion ?

You have to know that into the formula of a cream almost half of it is oil (the oil phase) and that another big part is water or hydrosol (the aqueous phase), as you know oil and water do not mix together so an emulsifier must be used to create the emulsion. It is in general an emulsifying wax. Then comes the anti-oxidant and preservatives; although they can be issued from natural components. Rather than applying on your face a total mixture of several ingredients we like to keep it pure and simple, this is our skincare philosophy; only the pure oil is enough and even better.

We do not exclude the fact that some people like to get the cream feeling on their skin so maybe one day we will offer a natural cream based on our natural ingredients. For now the shea butter gives you a beautiful alternative, it is rich and creamy.

How can I improve the fast absorption of the oil into my skin ?

The best way is to apply the toner just before the oil, do not let it dry totally and then apply the oil; this way the oil will directly penetrate the skin with the help of the water, you’ll get a double effective moisture sensation.

Why do you sell only argan oil and not other types of oils ?

Argan oil is from far one the the top oil for the skin. Comparing to the other ones it does not leave the skin oily and is absorbed quickly by the 7 layers of the epidermis. It is also a rate 0 on the comedogenic rating scale of all oils for skin, so does not clog the pores. Argan Oil is packed with omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acids, all of which work to lightly moisturize your skin, soften dry patches; it is a super oil ! It has anti-sebum effects, which can effectively regulate amounts of sebum on the skin so reduces acne.

Nevertheless argan trees only grow in Morocco so it is a very good way to support local communities.

Argan oil is not enough moisturizing for my face, what can I add ?

We recommend to mix argan oil of your choice with the same amount of shea butter into your hands, rub your palms together in order to get the shea well mixed with the oil and apply the deep moisture blend on your skin.


Where can i see the products ?

You are welcome to see us every Saturday at the Torba Farmers Market of Doha, Qatar located at the ceremonial court of Qatar Foundation.

Here is short video:


How do you make your products ?

Nabalsy is our first company created in 2003 in Paris, France. It extended in Qatar in 2009. The raw material is imported from various countries such as Mali for the shea butter, Morocco for the Argan oil, Syria fro the Aleppo Soap… to France. Some of them are analysed into French laboratories to guaranty the good quality. Then we bottle, wrap, mix, blend, melt each products following the European and International guidelines for the product to be ready for the international market. Some products are directly created and made in Qatar like the Traditional Scented Body Oil issued from a partnership between a Qatarie lady creator of Taraf Perfume.



Organic VS Natural ?

Why are some NOON products ”organic” and some ”natural” ? what is the difference ?

Natural, organic and certified organic are the most common marketing words used to describe products that contain ingredients sourced from nature, but they can still be a little misleading.

A ‘natural’ ingredient is considered to be anything that’s a plant, mineral or animal by-product.

The term ‘organic’ refers to how an ingredient was farmed – it must be prepared and grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones or antibiotics.

For a product to claim it’s ‘certified organic’, it must meet a number of strict specifications that go beyond the ‘organic’ requirements. The ingredients must still be grown and prepared under the same rigid conditions, but the concentration percentage of organic ingredients must be higher.

We made the choice for our NOON argan oils to select an Organic one. This is the only way to guaranty a pure, real, high quality argan oil. Unfortunately the demand of Argan oil is so high that it is common to get some ‘not real’ ones unless you choose to go for the organic certified version. ”Organic” argan oil is of course more expensive because of all the requirements it is meeting but it is for us a mandatory step. Do not go for a cheap argan oil, this is already a bad sign, adding the fact that argan oil is so precious and hard to obtain (it takes 8 hours to get 1 liter) so a cheap oil would not be realistic.

Concerning the rest of our NOON skincare we choose to not go for the Organic certification because we analyse the products into French cosmetic laboratories and we do have the analyse results which confirm that the products are all 100% natural without additives neither chemicals and using high quality raw materials; this fact is enough for us. If we would choose to go for any organic certification that would lead to an increased retail price which we do not want. We believe in our NOON skincare, we, our family, relatives do use the products and we are very satisfied and happy with the results.

If we use our common sense and take the shea butter as an example, how can this lady in her village would produce shea butter in a non organic way ? her daily task is to go in the forest, collect the fruits and make the butter at home. There is no chemical involve into the process adding the fact that chemical would be a cost for them. Shea butter is simply made that way since ages, they wouldn’t use or include chemicals and why would they ? Same thing can be applied for the Aleppo Soaps, toners etc… because they all are produced by a human being that is transmitting a tradition here and this is what we like. So certification is NOT always the key, common sens is.









Do not hesitate to ask us more questions! we stay at your disposal and like to answer any concern you may have about natural ethical skincare.