Our story is a “Love Story” which started with two women who shared the same passion, vision and love for organic skin care and ancestral handmade beauty recipes called


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NOON, a holistic skincare philosophy in a few words:

The glass packaging bottles can be refilled or find a second life in your home. We aim to provide recycled papers gift boxes soon.

We travel to different countries to find some skincare treasures,  meet the local suppliers, discover with them their handmade production of raw material, ask them which is their traditional skincare routine, the history about the particular product, the skin benefits… and then develop a partnership for us to create high quality skincare products from their supply. It can be shea butter from Mali, rose hydrosol from Tunisia, clay from Morocco… we import directly from the source and know each supplier personally.

NOON skincare products all are issued from an existing tradition. They all have an inherent history and a tradition going along with benefits for the skin. They also have beautiful amazing tips that we are happy to share with you.

Our products do not contain more than 3 or 4 natural ingredients. They do not contain any chemicals or preservatives. They are all free from parabens, alcohols, colourings, perfume, acids, aluminium and silicone and of course not tested on animals. They are pure therefore are not part of a “conventional” cosmetic range. They are just pure oils, butters, pastes, clays, soaps, flowers… issued from the Earth, nourished from the energy of the natural five elements.

We propose a full range of daily skincare for a simple use; wash, apply, moisturize. No fancy or complicated instructions here! We like to keep it quick, easy and simple.

We either sell the skincare product as we find it in its country of origin (e.g. Aleppo soaps) or blend some raw material together (e.g. shea butters and essential oils) in order to get a healing beautiful and soothing final product.

Before putting the product on the market we ensure that the raw material found in the country of origin meets our requirements, some of them are analysed into French laboratories. The Argan oils are all certified organic. All the products are convenient for all type of skins, if they are some recommendations and contre-indications, they are indicated on the product page and label.

Multi-task products, an eco-friendly approach
An Aleppo soap will cleanse gently the face, hair and body skin (depending on the soap quality), it will also take care of the clothes, plants, pets… an Argan oil will be a perfect dry oil moisturizer for your face, an after-sun care, a hair treatment oil, a prone skin treatment and a make-up remover… you don’t need thousands of skincare products and you can use them wisely, most of them have a multi-purpose usage.

By purchasing a NOON skincare products you are ensuring sustainable development in the different countries like Syria, Mali, Tunisia, Morocco, India.. your help will give countless people around these countries a working activity from their own natural supplies, the one thing they need most.
Adding the fact that you’ll get a magnificent high quality selected natural skincare to keep your body and mind healthy. The love and energy reflected inside each handmade product is definitely going to diffuse the good vibes to your skin and wellness condition. Just fell it and enjoy…

Our Roots
Love is the beginning of our story. Two women, Noor and Nadia, united in a strong respectful friendship for over 20 years that finds its roots in a spiritual common ground around remembrance of life, meditation and yoga. Most importantly we share the love and passion about what Mother Nature offers us and conscious that the body and mind needs good nourishment to stay healthy for ourselves and our loved ones. The skincare we use is our skin ‘nourishment’ that penetrates deep into our tissues so “Nabalsy” company is born in Paris in 2002. Our products are handcrafted, natural, and organic from start to finish and we never compromise on quality. We would like to educate and encourage our beloved, friends, community and customers about the importance of being aware that everything we use on our body that has an impact on our physical and mental health. We want to communicate and carry on our pure and natural products and the handcrafted skills that existed for generations. Help us preserve them by supporting NABASLY in France and NOON in Qatar which committed to these amazingly natural products that comes from various locations and by developing communities for positive global and local change.

We support the small-town and rural economy of different regions. We are working directly with our suppliers, we know them personally, we do not buy our products from the internet. Our ingredients are naturally sourced and primarily organic, and our recipes and techniques are unparalleled. We meet the craftsman who does his Aleppo Soap himself in his old factory in the old souk of Aleppo which is destroyed by now. The craftsman has the recipes from his father and kept it secret for generations. We are following all of our supplier’s stories in Syria during these difficult times, and many others. Working in a human size company, dealing with real people, the NOON products are reflecting and transmitting these values. You can be sure that we work together with pride, respect and integrity and believe in what we do. NOON team is committed to uncompromising quality is happy to share it with you.

From the country of origin to the bottles?
We import the basic raw products from different countries. The oils, butter, soaps, floral waters come in bulk with no packaging to Nabalsy, France in our warehouse (South of Lyon). There, we deal with the items one by one. Argan oil comes by gallons of 20 litters from Morocco, we need to bottle it, add the essentials oils if needed and label the glass bottle. The Shea butter comes from Mali into bags of 10 Kg, it requires that we melt it, add some essentials oils or not and put it into jars, measuring the weight and leave it to dry. The kôhl also necessitates a long process to be reduced in powder: everything is done by hand exclusively. The soaps came from Syria into jute bags of 10Kg and are wrapped and tagged one by one. Some products are also made in Qatar like the kôhl and the argan oil with sweet basil.

NOON team
We are a dedicated team that absolutely believes in what we do with a mission of enriching lives with our absolutely natural products and the positive impact of our business practices. Since 2002 Nadia has been travelling like a nomad, searching and striding across different countries to find the purest ancestral traditional skincare. Noor was marketing and spreading the word of what NOON products are all about in France and Qatar. Since 2010 another Nour joined the team and brought us her own light. Today France lits its candle and Qatar lits another; Nadia lights them up with her novelties and support. We acknowledge and understand that the energy we put into the business is the energy we are attracting to it. With that in mind, we know that great things are happening to each of us, to Noon, and to the causes we support. The Noon team is passionate about social and environmental change and supports Noon’s efforts in creating positive change with love and harmony.

Natural skincare VS usual cosmetics
You’ll find NOON is the world’s most pure, organic and all natural line of cosmetics, beauty products and skincare. Our aim is to give your skin its maximum benefits, without irritating any skin type. Our skin absorbs every little thing we put on it. Unfortunately, most commonly bought beauty products contain many harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and damaging toxins that can cause clogged pores, skin irritations, premature aging and much more. However, this is easily combated with our line of all natural beauty products. Formulated with naturally occurring vitamins and essential oils, our skin nourishing products will improve the health of your skin in the long run.

Pause, Breathe, Enjoy, Meditate and buy with awareness

See you around the smell of our beauties from the World

Take care of yourself in a mindful way !

Peace, Namaste

Nadia, Noor and Nour.