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Our soaps are 100% natural with no artificial color, fragrance, parabens, foam establishers, or even animal fats. They are the ultimate in truly natural soap, with properties that are extremely good and safe for the skin. That is why we can confidently recommend using them for your babies, kids, and pets as well. There are absolutely no chemicals in this soap. Only pure olive and bay (laurel) oils, water and salt.


The principle ingredients in our soaps are olive oil and bay berry oil, but we also have some made with vegetable oils since they are custom-made for you by Noon Nabalsy. Aleppo is known for the purest soaps ever, which is why we carry it exclusively. We buy direct from the finest Syrian soap makers. These traditional soap recipes have been used there for thousands of years. Refreshing and clean, Aleppo soaps barely leave a scent on your skin because they are so light, non-greasy and non-drying and they wash off with absolutely no trace of soapiness behind.


Pure olive oil soap can only be produced in the cold months of December through to March. It is manufactured using a simple process. Olive oil is mixed in large cauldrons with an aqueous solution of an alkali – the soda ash. The mixture is heated to more than 200 degrees Celsius and stirred until the oil fully decomposes, yielding glycerin and the sodium salt of olive oil. This process is called ‘saponification’. Towards the end of the initial process, the bay oil is added to the mixture and further saponification takes place. Usually olive oil is between 60-98% while laurel is between 2-40%. The soap which has the most amount of laurel oil in it is considered to be the most valuable and it has the most costly production. It is then dried for 9 months before it is considered ready for sale. This process causes the outside of the soap to a beautiful deep gold, whilst inside the soap remains an olive green colour. The color the soap acquires depends mostly on the amount of laurel oil the bar has. Color ranges from a pale yellow (small concentration of laurel oil) to a deep brown or golden color (large concentration of laurel oil). The soaps are finished in the traditional way, cut, stamped by hand and set.





Suitable for which type of skin?

All skin types to normal, mixed, oily, sensitive and dry. Get to choose the right Aleppo Soap.
For hair dandruff, dry scalp, baby cradle carp, damaged hair and dry hair.
For prone skins, psoriasis, eczema, infections, acne, allergies.
For babies and newborns.

What are the ”17-in-1” uses?

Face Cleanser
Aleppo Soap is an antiseptic. Use daily as a cleanser, it will regulates the pH of the skin and re-balance the natural skin secretion. It will also gently remove make-up.

Body Wash
Use daily as a regular shower and bath wash, it will leave a pure clean and moisturized skin.

Use it on wet hair as a regular shampoo, rub it on the scalp and create a foamy layer. It will clean, remove dandruff by nourishing the scalp without damaging the natural hair.

NOON Aleppo Soap 12%, after 1 month of use.

Use daily a High Quality Aleppo Soap 60 on your skin, it will reduce the infection. You can also leave it on for 3 to 5 min to get all the benefits of the antiseptic and anti-fungal laurel oil properties that will help to get rid of the acne infection.

Sensitive and Prone Skins
Use a high quality soap 60 daily on the sensitive skin, it will gently sooth the skin. On prone skins it will sooth the rashes and purify the sink such as psoriasis, eczema, allergies, infections…Can also be used on the skin in a high level of infection.

Personal Hygiene Care
The antiseptic and calming properties of the Aleppo soap disinfect the mucous membranes without attacking or irritating them. It does not destroy the existing natural bacterial flora.

NOON Aleppo Soap 5%

Tooth Brushing
Aleppo Soap used as a toothpaste is effective and will gently control oral infections.

Baby Care
Use it daily on new-born skins to wash the babies ‘skin and hair. The olive oil will gently moisturize their skin and the laurel oil will also gently wash off the impurities. Using a High quality Aleppo Soap 60 will reduce the risk of skin allergies.

Facial Mask
It is advisable to use a high quality Aleppo Soap 60 as a facial mask daily or once a week to re-balance the natural pH of the skin and also to get the benefits of the fatty acids and vitamins. Apply the soap on wet skin, leave it on for 3 to 5 min and rinse it off.

Make-up remover

Aleppo Soap used as a make-up remover is effective and will gently get ride of all trace of foundation, blush, lipstick or else. Just use it with water directly on face. It will leave the skin clean and fresh ready to tone and moisturize.

Men Shaving
A tradition in Syria is to use the Aleppo Soap as shaving cream. Use daily ; rub the soap, create and apply a nice foamy layer on wet skin and start to shave. The olive oil will protect the skin from the fire of the razor. The skin won’t even need to get an after shave lotion.

Minor Wounds
It will clean and disinfect as a first aid application.

Cramps and Rheumatism pains
Place a regular Aleppo Soap 05 into the bed, under the bed sheets ; an ancient remedy that works !


Use a regular Aleppo Soap 05. Soak it into warm water for 15 min. Spray the mixture on your plants leaves such as rose trees etc… It will help to get rid of the parasites.

Cloth, delicate linen and baby cloth

Use it as a regular detergent. Also use it a stain remover, rub the soap on the stain and place it into the washing machine. Coffee, watercolor paint, sweat, blood stains will be wiped out.

Use a Regular Aleppo Soap 05. Cut some pieces and place it into the wardrobe and chest of drawers, it will keep the moths away.

Wash your pets with the regular Aleppo Soap 05, it is safe because 100% natural for them. Their fur will become healthy, nice and shiny.

 Before and After use.. 

Purchase with mindfulness…

By buying Aleppo Soap you are ensuring sustainable development in the olive fields regions of Syria and you are supporting the ancestral trade of the old souk factories owned by soap makers families.

Thank you for joining our community and our projects for a greener and more ethical world.


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